• How To Register Account Betting At Website?

Players who want to create a betting account just need to click the “Register” button at the main interface of the website. If it’s a mobile app, the registration request will be displayed as soon as the app is clicked.

Next, the player enters personal information, providing the data required by the online casino. After completing the operations, the system sends a personal email for the player to confirm. Players click on this link and follow the steps according to the instructions.

  • What Do I Do If I Forgot My Account Password?

If the player forgets the password, this problem can be fixed, the player does not have to worry too much. The fastest way players should do is select “Login” => click on the box “forgot password”. Soon the player will receive a new email, the link in the email will lead the player to another page. Here players create a new password and can log in to place bets like before.

In addition, if time is urgent, players can ask for support through the website’s online chat!

  • What Payment Methods Are Allowed by the Website?

Fishgametop.com allows players to make payments in Bitcoin. Methods such as credit cards, direct debit cards are not accepted. Because there have been many cases of fraud in the past. Players who use Cashapp will get results very soon!

  • How Long Does It Take To Top Up The Account?

It doesn’t take too long, as soon as the transaction is confirmed, money is immediately deposited into the account. Players just need to prepare their bets and deposit to be able to participate right away!

  • What Are The Requirements To Apply When A Player Withdraws Money?

10 USD is the minimum amount players can deposit on the website. The maximum amount specified for each withdrawal is 50USD. The website limits each customer to a maximum withdrawal of $5,000 per customer.

  • How long is the Withdrawal Transaction Time?

The system tries to process the withdrawals for players immediately. Website has a large number of members, withdrawal transactions are processed once per day. Members, if they want to make transactions quickly and smoothly, please follow the prescribed time. The withdrawal operations are fully displayed on the system.