Terms and Conditions

All terms and conditions on the website are established to provide betting services to legitimate members. Information will be revised, updated and notified to players on the main homepage of the online casino by the website. Members, if they want to receive safe and accurate information, players should update the terms at the homepage of the online casino.

  • Define

All information at the main website as well as the subdomains is translated into many different languages. All are managed by the website’s administrator, becoming the rules players need to follow when becoming a member of the website.

User refers to a natural or legal person accessing and using the services and intellectual work products of the Website. Users are also referred to by second person pronouns like You or Your.

Privacy Policy means the Website’s privacy and personal data protection policy, set forth in a dedicated document.

  • Purpose Of The Website

The website not only provides online betting services, but also serves as a gambling information platform for interested players. The system operates legally, according to local regulations and is licensed based on the major gambling organizations in the world.

Once players have participated in activities on the website, players must agree to the terms and privacy policy. In addition, the player also confirms the information based on the correct source.

It is the user’s responsibility to confirm whether the source of the information is legitimate or not  and to check for any other valid legal requirements.

All information on the website is provided factual, relevant and reliable. However, due to the nature of online betting, players must keep track of all changes and updates to the sub-sites. Therefore, the accuracy and related information must be thoroughly checked before use. We do not bear any damages for the generation and use of information found on the website.

We are also not responsible for the information displayed on other websites, linked to our system. This is not possible for every player, must carefully monitor, accurately capture each message.

All betting information, announcements and advertisements on the website are intended to develop betting services. Players must be at least 18 years old to participate in the game. At that time, the player is of legal age, is aware of gambling activities and uses promotions and games in the most reasonable way.

  • Use copyrighted materials

Fishgametop.com contains copyrighted, trademarked and other legally protected materials, including but not limited to text, photos, video material, graphics, music and sound recordings.

Only the administrator of the website has the right to edit and change the content. In addition, members may not use, publish or transfer the material to third parties. The creation of derivative works of part or all of the content is also not allowed.

No material downloaded from the Site or accessed on the Site may be copied, distributed, transferred to third parties, published or otherwise used for commercial purposes without prior written permission. in writing by employees, representatives of the Site, or other lawful proprietary owners, unless otherwise provided by copyright and related rights laws.

  • Disclaimer

Players must understand that when they agree to the terms and conditions of the website, the player is responsible for all risks and risks that may arise in the process of placing bets.

Any errors that occur during the operation of the website do not belong to employees, management, partners and shareholders. Issues of termination of operation, loss of business information or financial losses will be complained by the website to the competent authorities, investigated and investigated. The system will notify clearly about issues related to the interests of players, website losses encountered for all members. Finally, strictly handle accounts or activities that violate the terms set out earlier.

Use of the website, its content and services is at the user’s own risk.

Players may encounter the service through translations provided by Google, Google is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of translations.

If the contents and regulations have differences in content between languages, the website will prioritize translations in English instead of other languages.

  • General regulations

Players must confirm that they have reviewed the terms and conditions, agree to comply with the requirements of the privacy policy text and accept any limitations that may arise.

Players are only allowed to use, not transfer any terms or conditions to any third person or entity.

The system will limit and ban users from using the website if the user violates the rules. However, the website is not obligated to notify in advance, this is based on the system’s own internal rules.

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