Book & Bounties spinning game to protect the kingdom and help players defeat mysterious creatures to receive royal bonuses.

What is Books & Bounties Slot?

Join the Book & Bounties spinning game to protect the kingdom and help players defeat mysterious creatures to receive royal bonuses. Conquer the Book of Monsters and fight for the glory of the nation in dramatic free spins.

  • Number of reels: 3×5 reels (3 rows, 5 columns are equivalent to 15 reels).
  • Number of winning lines in the game: 10 winning lines.
  • The minimum bet is 0.10 USD.
  • The maximum bet is 60.00USD.

The Books & Bounties reel game has all 10 symbols. Each symbol has a different payout and is specified in the paytable.

Line Winning In Books & Bounties Slot

Books & Bounties has a total of 10 winning lines. 

The payline is calculated from left to right when the same symbols appear on adjacent reels.

In case there are multiple winning lines on the same payline, only the winning line with the highest payout will be counted. 

When something goes wrong, all bonuses and plays will be forfeited.

Wild Symbol

Substitutes for all symbols except Scatter and Bonus.

Scatter Symbol

Triggers free spins. 

Winnings with Scatter symbols are paid out independently of the winning line.

Special Features in Books & Bounties

In the Book & Bounties spinning game, there is the appearance of the feature:

  • Class A Free Games

10 free games triggered by 3/4/5 “Books”. 

More free games can be triggered in the free games feature. 

The free game feature starts with a bonus symbol appearing. 

Any symbol except “Book” and “Bonus” can become a bonus symbol. 

In the event that the free spins are re-triggered, a new bonus symbol will not appear. 

When at least 2 or 3 bonus symbols appear on different reels (depending on which symbol makes a win), after the winning evaluation of the normally won line, the reels with the bonus  symbols will be stamped on the reels full of bonus symbols.

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  • Class B Free Games

10/15/25 free games triggered by 3/4/5 “Bonus”. 

No more free games can be activated in the free games feature. 

“Cadoc” is Wild and substitutes for all symbols. 

All monster symbols are BONUS symbols. 

Any “Cadoc” appearing triggers additional BONUS symbol wins.

  • Gambling

You can participate in gambling by clicking the Gambling button with the card icon. 

Winning can be gambled by betting on the color of the next card. 

If the color of the drawn card matches the selection, the win is doubled. 

In case the color doesn’t match, you lose the increased chance of winning.

  • Escalating Gambling

Escalating gambling can be engaged by clicking the Gamble button with the ladder symbol. 

In case of winning you will go one step forward on the current step, in case of losing you are one step down.


The Book & Bounties spin game will definitely bring players many attractive bonus hunting opportunities. If you are lucky, you will receive huge profits from Books & Bounties. Join to try your luck.