If players feel bored when they have participated in too many slot game, players want to change topics and genres, then look to the online fish table game. This topic, although no longer unfamiliar to many players, has huge appeal. Because the online fish table versions are updated regularly, players have many choices and the payout levels are also extremely attractive.

The following article Fishgametop.com would like to introduce to players a new version – Crazy Fishing. Players can experience two real versions and demo versions. Subscribe if players want to experience now!

Overview Crazy Fishing

Crazy Fishing is an extremely cute graphics game. Players as soon as they click on the join box will encounter a vast ocean world, many swimming creatures. Each game has a maximum of 4 people participating at the same time, their task is to use weapons to hunt fish.

For demo mode, players at the start will be given 500000 coins by the system. With this money they can buy weapons and ammunition and start hunting. In addition, players also receive two items,”freeze” and “target lock”, both of which are level 5.

Target Lock

The Feature Of Crazy Fishing

When this creature appears, it will be in groups, players can then hunt any fish and chase other fish of the same type at the same time!
It can be said that this is the symbol that brings victory to the player. When the target is revealed, other fishes at the same time will become the player’s prey and they can hunt more and more at a time.
With this feature, the whole screen will be affected by the bomb’s power. At that time, small or medium fish will be killed, large fish will be weakened, players have the opportunity to receive huge rewards!
The name of this symbol is “Energy Cannon” When a player hits a fish, they have a chance to receive 1 “energy cannon”. During this time, the bullets fired by the spell will bring back a bonus double the normal amount.
Copper Shells: Players successfully collect copper seashells, they have a great chance to win bonuses, getting both target lock and frozen ammo. When the player is fully armed, the bonus or victory comes closer to the player.
Silver clamshell: Similar to copper seashell, players can also have a much higher chance of receiving rewards and bonuses, from 50 to 100 coins.
Gold clamshell: The bonus level players can receive from 100 coins up to 150 coins.


Payment Symbols
2-10 , , , , , , , , ,
12-20 , , , ,
25-40 , ,
150- 300 , ,

Special Payment



In general, Crazy Fishing has quite simple rules, similar to Golden Dragon Fish Game or Ocean King Online. However, the features and symbols in the game give players extremely good payouts. Players are not only entertained, but can also receive extremely high rewards!