The best way for players to win slot games easily is for players to find games with the best RTP scores. Although online games real money is largely based on luck, if there are factors that increase the probability of winning, players should not ignore it.

The following article will help players better understand RTP in Slot games or fish table gambling game online real money and introduce players to a few products with high Slot games rate on the market today!

What Does RTP Mean In Slot Games?

RTP’s full name is Return to Player, this is a number that represents the percentage of the bet in a Slot game. It is also the amount that can be refunded to the player within a certain period of time.

What players need to look for is to choose Slot games with an RTP higher than 95%, if any product has a lower RTP number, players should not choose.

Some games on the market have an RTP rate of 90% to 92%. Although this number is quite low, it does not mean that the game is not quality. However, if players can get into the game with a higher RTP, it will be so much better!

Where To Find And Play Slots With The Best RTP?

Almost every online casino Singapore Gogbet on the market offers Slot games. This is an entertainment genre that is considered an online betting platform. Players are interested in Slots because of the payouts, the security of the betting system as well as the rewards they can receive when participating in entertainment.

  • Although it is not easy to find and find RTP on games, but this supports the customer’s game a lot.
  • A good online casino will definitely connect with major game publishers in the world to get the best quality games, many new features are updated regularly.
  • Most Slot games today, players just need to click on it to see the RTP index immediately, besides there is a lot of other information of the game.

In the event that RTP is not available in the game, the player must know the name of the game provider. Thus, the percentage of players winning at that product will be higher.

Finding the RTP of the game in which the client participates is also considered the player’s task. Players should remember that RTP is the metric that distinguishes between low and high wins.

Top RTP In Slot Games Online

The list below contains real money Slot games with extremely high RTP rates. Players can see the RTP rate and try to experience the games

  • 1 Monster POP – BetUS (97.7% RTP)

This is the game that is considered to have the highest RTP in the online betting market today. This game is developed by the publisher Betsoft, is made available to Americans and has an RTP rate of up to 97.7%.

1 Monster POP was released in March 2020, the game is still extremely popular so far. This game consists of 5 reels and pays in clusters. This is one of the products that players appreciate in terms of profit.

The max win multiplier of 1 Monster POP is 1921.12 for each bet. Players participating in a Monster POP need to look for a flaming sphere symbol, so the player will get free spins. In addition, the monster’s rage will help the player to trigger all kinds of victories.

  • 2 Safari Sam – Casino Wild (97.5% RTP)

Second in the list of games with the highest RTP levels today is Safari Sam. This game has an RTP rate of up to 97.5% and is also published by Betsoft. Players coming to Safari Sam will experience the wilds of Africa. The game consists of 5 reels, 3 lines and 30 paylines. Besides, players are also exposed to extremely new bonus features.

Players can find Safari Sam at any online casino. It is important that the online casino is reputable, quality and ensures safe betting for players.

If a player bets Safari Sam with a minimum of 0.01$ and a maximum bet of 60$, the player has the potential to receive a bonus of up to 120,000$.

  • 3 Cash Bandits – Las Atlantis (97.35% RTP)

Cash Bandits is a game released by Real Time Gaming provider. Players can find this game at Las Atlantis, its RTP is 97.35%.

Cash Bandits have a total of 5 reels with 25 paylines. This game is inspired by outlaw play, just like the name implies. Cash Bandits have a minimum bet per line of 0.01$. While spinning the coins, players need to bet a minimum of 5$. Because of its free spins as well as large multipliers, Cash Bandits is an all-time favorite game, the choice of most for online betting enthusiasts.

  • 4 Fruit Loot – Wild Casino (97.24% RTP)

4 Fruit Loot is a game with many wild symbols. This game features free spins with extremely attractive bonuses. Players can upgrade the game and the bonus symbols are also changed. C4 Fruit Loot owns an RTP rate of 97.24%, players can hardly take their eyes off this game.

4 Fruit Loot appears in all online casinos, players can enjoy this game whenever they want. The game possesses classic features, giving customers an extremely good experience.

The best thing that 4 Fruit Loot brings is the simplicity of how to play. Players only need to follow the instructions correctly and enter the game right away, easy and fun. In the game, customers will encounter symbols such as: cherry, watermelon, grape, orange, lemon.

There are a total of 5 payment symbols on the paylines. The amount a player can get is up to 250x the stake they use. 4 Fruit Loot is a game provided by the game publisher Concept Gaming, with 5×3 reels with 20 paylines.

  • 5 The Hive – BetOnline (96.97% RTP)

The Hive has 5 reels, with lots of paylines and players can enjoy at many online casinos on the market. This game is highly appreciated for its quality when it comes to 3D graphics, realistic sounds and attractive payouts. The Hive was produced in June 2020, under the publisher Betsoft and has an RTP rate of 96.97%. This game features wild symbols, free spins and multipliers.

 The minimum bet players need to apply is 0.01$ and the maximum is 90$ for 30 paylines. Players will win when they get free spins and worker bees will stack the multipliers.

The Hive is a slot game that customers should not ignore. This is an extremely good choice, indispensable if players want to experience and receive Slot games bonuses.


Just now is the basic information about RTP and the games with the best RTP rates today. If players have a need to bet, don’t forget to follow the instructions above for the best experience. Good luck players!