Fish Prawn Crab is a game of high chance, popular in many countries. Not with other online fish table games like Legend Of The Phoenix or Yao Qian Shu and Fish Prawn Crab is a very special and interesting game. Because the rules of Fish Prawn Crab are extremely simple, easy to play, easy to bet, suitable for many participants, the game is available at most online casinos.

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The Rule Of Fish Prawn Crab

  • The player chooses the appropriate chip and bet amount: On the screen showing the chip symbols, the player chooses the desired value and drags it into the bet box.
  • Betting Options: The player clicks on the hand that the player wants to bet. If you like, you can choose an automatic bet application. If the player clicks on the chip more than once, the player’s bet will be times the original chip.
  • Bet Confirmation: Players select the “confirm” button to confirm their own bet. The maximum time for each bet is 20 seconds. When the betting period expires, the player cannot place a bet but has to wait for the next round of play.
  • If a player’s bet is not confirmed by the system, that bet will be considered invalid.

Betting Options

The interface will provide a lot of different betting options. Players can refer to the available options, choose the appropriate coefficient to bet. When the player wins the bet, he will receive a reward based on the selected bet coefficient. 

Bet on Single Symbol

If the result has 1 symbol that matches the symbol the player bet previously, the player wins and receives a payout of 2:1.

If the result has 2 symbols and matches the 2 symbols the player has bet before, the player wins and receives the payout in the ratio 3:1.

If all the symbols the player bet shows on the dice when the result comes out, the player receives a payout of up to 13:1.

Bet on 2 dice/3 dice combo

  • If the dice result shows 2 symbols the player has bet before, the player will get a payout of 6:1 (combo 2 dice)
  • If the dice result shows all the symbols the player bet, the player will receive a bonus of up to 8L1 (combo 3 dice).


The article above is all detailed information about the process of joining Fish Prawn Crab. If players want to participate in a simple, high-risk game and can receive attractive bonuses, players should not ignore Fish Prawn Crab.