If the player has participated in many online fish table games, the player has never won. Or if so, the reward is also very small. Besides finding the cause to fix, players should also practice more skills and apply a few tactics. The following article will help players improve their chances of winning and receive generous bonuses from all products of online fish tables. If you are wondering “how to win money at fish tables?”, “fish table game secrets” Please refer to the following tips:

Tip 1: Choose the right game

There are hundreds of different fish table games on the market today. This game is also described with many beautiful words. However, whether it is really interesting or boring depends on the player’s own experience. Besides, the issue of paying bonuses also contributes to creating excitement for players. If the rewards aren’t worth the player’s effort, they won’t come back for that product again.

Good games must have a beautiful interface, vivid sounds and attractive rewards. In addition, it must come from famous publishers such as: Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, Play’n Go,… These are fully professional systems that will surely make players have great experiences. , limiting possible troubles.

Tip 2: Pay attention to the score of each type of fish

Each version of the online fish table will have a different payout. In general, the larger the fish, the more difficult it is to kill, the higher the reward will be. In contrast, small fish, just 1 bullet can be killed will have a low reward.

Tip 3: Observe the speed of the fish

Many people often ignore this feature when playing fish table online. Usually players will log in, make a deposit and choose a game to join. During the game, the steam player will continuously release bullets to kill fish. However, on the screen there are many different types of fish, their speed is not the same. Players should research before firing, this will save effort and money.

  • Small fish will have slow movement, easy kills and low payouts.
  • Medium fish do not move too fast, just 1 to 2 bullets can kill.
  • The big fish need to have a strategy, aim properly or they will miss, both wasting bullets and wasting time.

However, for special fish such as dragon king, shark, mermaid, this rule does not apply. Players have to spend a lot of effort, strategy and finance to defeat them. These fishes are also not often on the screen.

Tip 4: How to shoot fish in the head

For large fish, the player aims at their head, using 4 to 5 bullets to kill. Players should choose when they follow each herd to hunt effectively. Note these fish are very strong, players need to be extremely patient.

Tip 5: Aim for bounty targets

Other bonus targets such as bubbles, iridescent fish or dragon balls will provide generous bonuses. However, they rarely appear on the screen. Killing them depends on when they appear, not difficult to kill, just be patient, wait for them to move between the screen and fire. Then the player’s chance of success is up to 90%.

The bonus points for these targets are 2 to 6 times the original bet. Players can also level up immediately if they shoot down 5 dragon balls in a row. So players should pay attention to these targets, boldly release bullets when they appear.

Tip 6: Don’t try to kill hidden fish

In the process of hunting fish, players can encounter fishes hidden under moss or rocks. If the player kills them, as a general rule, the bet will be increased from 20% to 30% of the original level. The prize is quite attractive, so many people hunt, try to destroy them. However, these fish are very difficult to kill, they often hide well and the player’s success rate is very low. If there is no skill, regular practice, the player will spend a lot of bullets.

Tip 7: Killing fish when they appear

Players should prepare mentally, as soon as the fish appear on the screen, immediately shoot to kill them. If the player successfully applies this method, the probability of killing the fish is very high, the amount of bonus received is not small. Then the player just needs to sit and reload, wait for the fish to appear and kill them.

Tip 8: Strategies to gradually increase bullets. 

When applying this method, the player gradually increases the number of bullets on a fish in a short time. This means the player shoots the bullet at the wall, the bullet bounces back and hits the target. At the same time, the player releases another bullet. When both bullets hit the same target, the success rate will be much higher. This method is effective but consumes a lot of bullets, players need to have solid finances to apply.

Tip 9: Shoot big fish if you have enough bullets

This strategy is for players who have enough stakes in reserve. Players, if they have strong finances, choose special fish, kill them and get great rewards. The type of bullet to kill the mermaid and shark must also be the bullet with the greatest damage. The amount the player receives can be 100 to 200 times the amount that the player spends to buy bullets.

Tip 10: Increasing shooting bullets

In a word: the player keeps increasing the bullets every time he kills fish. Player 9 fish each corresponds to 1 bullet. Then the player increases the bullets gradually from 1 to 100. When shooting to the 100th bullet you will lose 558 points but at this time the fish dies simultaneously, the player will gain 1000 points. With this way, players will definitely get profit, collect a lot of bonuses.


Above are the fish table game strategies, fishgametop.com want to provide to players. Hopefully with this information, players can better understand how to hunt fish, apply it successfully and receive great rewards. The full amount of the player’s bonus can be withdrawn to his personal account. Good luck players!