Happy Fishing is a quite famous fish table game version, loved and chosen by many players. Currently this game has both demo and real play for those who need entertainment or earn extra income. Players coming to Happy Fishing will certainly feel satisfied and happy by the new features of this game.

To understand more about Happy Fishing and have interesting experiences with Happy Fishing, players should not ignore the article below!

Overview About Happy Fishing

Happy Fishing has quite similar rules to other fish table games, but game publishers have adjusted the game, creating a new feeling for customers. Players coming to Happy Fishing will encounter many creatures with extremely diverse features, based on those features, players will hunt more fish and the reward they receive is not little money!

The Features Of Happy Fishing – Fish Table Games

Functions of fishes:

  • Starfish: When the player destroys starfish, they will create a whirlpool and that is also considered a large trap, attracting many types of fish into it.
  • Continuous Crab: This creature can throw torpedoes into three different areas, from which players have the opportunity to catch fish inside.
  • Drill Crab: The crab’s drills launch projectiles and shoot through the fish, eventually exploding. The player has a chance to catch the fish within the detonation range.

Special Weapons:

  • Torpedo: Gives players a chance to get higher bonus points, which are based on the base factor to calculate.
  • Giant fish: When this fish appears, the player can shoot continuously at them, in addition to the basic bonus points, the player can receive up to 5 times bonus from this fish.
  • Shark: When the shark appears, the player will be able to continuously receive bonuses until the shark leaves the screen.

Mega Octopus:

  • The player will activate the turntable when catching the Mega Octopus.
  • Players get the corresponding bonus when getting multiples during the spin.
  • When the player gets the Golden Wheel, the player activates the golden wheel, the player gets the spin with higher coefficients, the highest up to 950x.


  • Common fish:

Their payout ranges from 2x to 8x depending on the size. Hammerhead sharks, manta rays, lantern fish and lobsters have higher payouts, bonuses ranging from 10x to 25x.

  • Golden fish:
  • Giant fish
20x -25x ( 100x -125x) 
25x- 30x ( 125x – 150x) 
30x – 35x ( 150x -175x) 
  • Fungsi
20x – 80x 
  • Marine king
60x – 120x 
50x -60x- 70x 

( 400x- 480x- 560x) 

100x – 950x


If players want to conquer Happy Fishing, players need to understand fish species, their functions and game features. Depending on when the player makes the right choice, the quality of the game will improve over time. Moreover, players need to find a reputable and legal online casino to ensure the game takes place more fully. If players do not have much experience, players should choose the demo version to experience, to avoid wasting money.