If players want to experience the new product of the fish game, players can try Fortune Fishing. This is a new game released from the Pragmatic Play provider, with extremely vivid images and sounds. Regarding the topic, Fortune is similar to other fish game products. However, it has added many special features, making it interesting for players during the participation process. Join us to refer to the article below before starting the game with Fortune Fishing!

What Is Fortune Fishing?

Fortune Fishing is one of the products talking about online fish table games, which is popular with players and participates a lot. Similar to other online fish game versions, players kill fish, receive rewards based on the number of fish they have caught.

There are many weapons for the player to choose from, the higher the rank, the more powerful the weapon the player uses. Besides the money to buy weapons is not small, players must try to win rewards. At our website, the reward will be converted into cash and withdrawn to a personal account.

The ranks in the game Fortune Fishing

  • Easy: Player minimum bet is 0.3 to 10
  • Medium: The bet that allows players to participate in this round is 3 to 100.
  • Caishen: This is the highest bet, has an attractive reward and is also the most difficult level. Players can place bets ranging from 30 to 300.

The Feature Of Fortune Fishing

  • Caishen: the player who receives this symbol will activate the gift indefinitely. At the same time, players have the opportunity to win rewards worth from 30 to 500 times the congratulatory gift. If the player completes the task, the reward can be up to 1000 times.
  • Fafafa: When activating this function, every time the player fires a bullet at a fish, the fish hit by the bullet will be able to give the player a red envelope, the reward level depends on the player’s luck.
  • Treasures: When treasures appear, the player’s opportunity to receive bonuses has arrived. The bonus level is valid from 100 to 150 times the original bonus. When the player activates the lucky wheel, chooses a position, after the wheel stops, the player’s chance to receive a bonus is up to 200x.
  • Drill: If the player achieves the drill, the player can get 30 bonus gifts, plus a free drill gun. Next, after firing the player has a chance to catch any fish that are moving on the road with an active gun.
  • Bomb: If the player activates the bomb, all creatures on the screen will explode. At that time, the player’s bonus points continuously increased rapidly.
  • Flame: Each fire gives the player 10 times the original bonus. In addition, players also receive a flamethrower that can only be used once. When the fishes touch the gun’s shot, they will be destroyed.

Payment In Fortune Fishing

Blue fish2x
Tropical sea fish4x
Flying fish5x
Lantern fish6x
Yellow Jellyfish25x
Clownfish Group30x
Walrus Group40x
Puffer fish15x
Blue Ray18x
Yellow Ray50x
Yellow Shark100x
Treasure100- 150x
Yellow Pig Bank300x
Caishen150 – 1000x


With the above content, some players have a better understanding of Fortune Fishing. This game has a lot of interesting things, players can join the demo version at fishgametop. After making satisfactory selections, players will start playing for real, betting with real money. Besides, the fishgametop also has many attractive promotions for players participating in Fortune fishing. Quickly register and bet to receive rewards!