Four Color Card is a popular form of card game. This game has both traditional and online versions, the way to participate is simple but not boring for players. On the contrary, almost everyone who has participated in the Four Color Card feels interesting. So specifically, how does this game participate? If you want to bet, don’t forget to follow the article below by!

What Is Four Color Cards?

Four Color Cards is a game that originated in China. This is considered a pretty famous card game, after being known by many players, Four Color Card spread to more countries.

Unlike other Poker Texas Hold’Em card games, Four Color Cards do not use a 52-card deck. Instead this game has a total of 112 cards and they are divided into 4 colors: white, green, yellow and red. Each card in the game is rectangular in shape and they are made from cardboard. As a rule, each game will have from 2 to 4 players.

In Four Color Cards, players will encounter 7 types of cards, corresponding to the following names: General/King, Guard, Elephant, Chariot, Horse, Cannon, Footman. And each name will have a total of 16 cards, they are divided into 4 colors as mentioned above.

How To Play Four Color Cards

  • Sets of cards in Four Color Cards

Players when participating in Four Color Cards must know how to arrange the cards so that it is reasonable. The specific provisions are as follows:

  • King aka General.
  • Pair: 2 cards the same color and character.
  • Triple: 3 cards both in character and color
  • Quad: 4 cards both in character and color
  • Triple King – Guard – Elephant the same color.
  • Triple Chariot – Cannon – Horse the same color.
  • Footman different colors.

If a player’s card does not appear on the lists just listed, that card is considered a trash card. If players want to arrange cards, they must know the set of cards, to avoid being paid when participating.

The basic rule of Four Color Cards

  • When participating in Four Color Cards, the dealer is also the first player. Cards are dealt clockwise, each player will be dealt 5 cards, until the end of 4 rounds, each player will own 20 cards.
  • In the final round of card dealing, the dealer will receive 6 cards. Unlike the rest of the players, the dealer will receive a total of 21 cards. Trash cards will be placed in the center of the table.
  • The first player will take a card to the table, then the player sitting on the sbeen will also take the card if they have the right card to win. If the next player doesn’t have one, they must take the card from the trash card in the center of the table.
  • Note that when participating in Four Color Cards, players who have Pair or Triple do not need to wait for their turn to still participate in playing their opponent’s card.
  • The game will continue like this until the player who runs out of cards first, the player who has no cards is the winner.

The rules win with special cards

When playing Four Color Card players need to know a few constraints as follows:

  • Priority to the winner: If the player can take the flipped card for a hand round. That player is allowed to take the flipped card and win.
  • Triple: Note that cards in Triple cannot be combined with other cards to form a group. That means Triple cannot be broken. In case the flap card matches the card in the Triple, the player who owns the Triple must take the flap card to capture the district.

When a player throws a card away, it is also not possible to add 1 trash card. What this means is that if the player takes an extra card, the number of trash cards in their hand will not be increased.

Pair preference: If a player has a pair and the flap card matches that pair. Players who do not have a district must take a flap card to make the same triple

  • How to calculate points in Four Color Card:

The way to calculate points in Four Color Card is as follows:

  • Pair: No Points
  • General/King: 1 Point
  • Any 3-card group: 1 point
  • Quad: 6 points
  • Triplet deals 3 points
  • Quad, dealt: 8 points
  • Four Pawns different color : 4 points
  • The first Player Win: 3 Points.

Players when participating in Four Color Cards must note that the total number of last orders is always an odd number. This means that the player must calculate the total number of orders to be even, then that player has entered the wrong rule. Therefore, if players want to win, without losing money for no reason, they must know the details of the Four Color Card game rules.


In general, Four Color Card has quite simple rules. Customers who want to participate in this game just need to read the above instructions, try to experience a few bets. Hope this article can help players, help them have a happy experience with Four Color Cards!