Master Of The Deep is the latest version of online fish table entertainment. This game has fairy-tale graphics, alternating a bit of animation, giving players the feeling of returning to childhood.

Super777 is an online casino that updates very quickly, almost all the latest versions of the online fish table are available. And Master Of The Deep is a specific example. This game is currently extremely hot at the homepage of the Find out information about this game through the article below if players are interested in participating!

The Room Betting At Master Of The Deep

  • VIP: Players can only use one gun to hunt. The amount of bonus players spend is quite small, only from 10 to 1000 coins for each participation. Even more special in this game room, players do not spend money to log in to the game room, completely free. If players do not have experience participating in a fish table online, players should choose this room to experience and learn more new knowledge.
  • VVIP: When the player chooses the VVIP room, it means that the player can use 2 guns to hunt fish. In addition, players also have to pay an additional cost of 10 coins for each login to the game room. The bet level in this room is medium, ranging from 50 to 1000 coins, depending on the player’s ability.
  • Super VIP: This is the game room with the most difficult level to conquer, players also have to spend the most bets, from 100 to 1000 coins. Similar to the VVIP room, every time you log in to the room, players have to pay a fee of 10 coins. Because it is the most difficult level, the player can use 3 guns for each hunt. In addition, only those who have more experience, join to earn more income, choose this game room.

The Features At Master Of The Deep

  • Drill Crab: The crab’s drill has a fairly large destructive power, if the player destroys this creature, the player will own their feature for a certain amount of time, use that feature to destroy those creatures. small and medium fish.
  • Roulette Crab: Each round of crab will help players collect a small amount of bonus. This is a creature that is both attractive from appearance to function, any player who joins wants to own it.
  • Ancient Crocodile: This creature is not like ordinary crocodiles, it is depicted with blue rays covering its whole body. Any fish that touches it will be injured, depending on how much the player will release bullets to successfully destroy it.
  • Mermaid: One of the main characters, very difficult to appear in the game. Players must participate in the last rounds, the difficulty increases to be able to catch. Also conquering Mermaid is not so easy. Players must equip many weapons, large amounts of ammunition and attack at the right time, the new strategy can be successful.


Steps To Play Master Of The Deep At S777 club

Players who want to join Master Of The Deep just need to follow the steps below, both simple and quick success.

  • Step 1: Players log in to the betting account. If you do not have an account, please click on the “Register” box to create an account.
  • Step 2: Players top up according to the methods displayed by S777 club. Currently online casino allows players to pay with Bitcoin on e-wallets. All forms of payment are integrated on mobile, extremely safe and simple.
  • Step 3: Players choose “Fish table game online” => Master Of The Deep. Currently the game has 3 rooms, if players want to experience, no loss of bets can choose VIP, the easiest room, suitable for new players.
  • Step 4: Pay the bonus and withdraw to your bank account.


Above is all detailed information about the game Master Of The Deep being provided by the S777 club. If players have a need to participate, don’t forget to refer to the last article and try the VIP room experience of Master Of The Deep. Happy players, win!