After the success of Ocean King and Ocean King 2, the manufacturers released the 3rd version of Ocean King. In this version the game is upgraded with many new features. In addition, the creatures in the game are also much more diverse, including the appearance of Phoenix – the character at the highest level of the game.

So what are the outstanding advantages of Ocean King 3 Online Real Money – Legend of the Phoenix, how to participate? Players should follow the article below to know more information!

About Ocean King 3 Online Real Money – Legend of the Phoenix

Ocean King 3 Plus – Legend of the Phoenix promises hours of fierce competition among players thanks to its seemingly endless power-ups, incredibly unique characters and destructive weapons with great power. From Mermaid and Mystic Electric Dragons up to Shooting Storm boosters, players are sure to love the hidden rewards in this game. Some of our favorite characters and weapons include:

Phoenix: On-screen escalation to provide possessive players with generous bonuses

Fire Dragon: Spin on the screen to capture fish and provide players with thousands of coins

Laser: Wide angle shot, powerful laser on the screen to destroy any fish in its path

Super Bomb: Bounce on screen creates powerful explosion for maximum score

The Levels Of Ocean King 3 Online Real Money – Legend of the Phoenix

The purpose of the game is that you use weapons, participating in each level according to their ability. The reward the player receives depends on the number of fish the player kills. Each fish species will correspond to a different reward level. If players do not want to waste ammo, do not forget to monitor the conditions and payouts of each creature before participating.

VIP: Players can only use one gun, the value of the gun ranges from 10 to 1000 coins. Players who join at this level do not have to pay to enter the room. This bet is relatively easy, as long as the player can successfully kill the small fish to receive the reward. VIP is suitable for those who are new to the online fish table, do not have many skills or have limited finances. The symbol of this rank is Blue Shark.

VVIP: Players are allowed to use 2 guns in the hunt. The value of guns at this rank is also greatly increased. The amount of money players have to spend to buy weapons ranges from 50 to 1000. In addition, players also have to spend 10 more coins to log in to the game room. Because it is a medium level playroom, the fishes of the game are also larger in size. If players have skills and experience in participating in online fish tables, they should choose VVIP. The symbol of this playroom is the hammer that generates the laser.

Super VIP: When players have chosen this level, it means they have a lot of skills and have participated in the online fish table with different versions. Players are allowed to use 3 guns in the process of hunting fish. The level of money players use to invest in weapons ranges from 100-1000 and includes 10 coins for the participation fee. Of course, if the player successfully hunts fish, the large fish at this level will help the player earn a not low bonus. The symbol of this rank is Phoenix – the main character of the game!


No matter which fish table games online players participate in, players should remember that depending on the type of fish there will be different rewards. Ammo and weapons players buy with real money, players must consider before releasing bullets. Avoid players wasting ammo and not receiving the desired bonus!


There are many products on the fish table gambling game online real money, players who want to participate should consider skills and finances. Ocean King 3 Online Real Money – Legend of the Phoenix is ​​considered the most attractive. Players can access the system Fishgametop and choose the “demo” version to participate.