Oneshot Fishing is a new version of the fish table game online to get real money. This game has now appeared on our website and is well received by many members. Players when participating in Oneshot Fishing not only feel attractive, diverse experiences make it interesting.

The following article will help players better understand Oneshot Fishing. Don’t forget to follow us if you want to join the game on our website!

What Is Oneshot Fishing?

Oneshot Fishing still retains the same content and gameplay as other versions of the fish table game online. However, this game has more investment in graphics and sound. Players when participating have an extremely realistic feeling, as if they are lost in the vast ocean world with thousands of different creatures.

Oneshot Fishing allows players to participate on computer or mobile. Depending on the needs of the players, just log in to their betting account and choose Oneshot Fishing. Each experience on an interface will give players different feelings. If players do not have too much time, often move many places, participating in Oneshot Fishing on mobile is indeed a great choice.

The reason Oneshot Fishing is loved by many players is because it possesses outstanding advantages such as:

This game has 3 levels for players to choose

  • Newbie: 0.1 – 1
  • Expert: 1-10
  • Master: 10-100

There is the appearance of the god dragon, which gives the player the opportunity to increase the bonus.

The appearance of the thunder effect increases the player’s power up to 3 times.

Electroluminescent cannon is a weapon that helps players upgrade the function of weapons, the bullets fired will have a stronger effect.

The Features Of Oneshot Fishing

In OneShot Fishing players can join other members. Players compete to kill fish, collecting bonus points for real money.

When participating in the game, players must fully focus on the predetermined goal. This makes it easy for players to kill fish, the more fish die, the bigger the bonus the player receives.

Players will encounter weapons with functions such as Target Lock, automatic fire, change guns, bullets, … These functions will support players a lot, so if you want to destroy many fish, people Play to upgrade weapons, practice a lot.

  • Caishen: During the caishen spawn, the player has a chance to win 100 to 300 times the bonus.
  • Dragon God: When the player collects 1 dragon ball, the player can summon the Boss, the Boss will appear randomly and the chance to get a bonus from 50 to 500 times the bet.
  • Dragon Ball: The bonus level for players when owning dragon ball is 30 to 300 times the bet.


With the above information, players can also imagine how to participate in OneShot Fishing. At our website, there are many other games like Ocean King or Five Dragon Fishing, graphics and sounds are extremely realistic. In addition, the system also updates with great incentives, if players can quickly register and receive rewards, the website will support players to improve their chances of winning. Good luck players!