Perhaps Animal Fishing is a suitable new product for new players to join fish tables at out website. Because this game has simple rules, the graphics are fun and have a lovely cartoon style. Players participating in Animal Fishing will feel comfortable and entertained after stressful working hours. What are the outstanding features of this game? How to participate and why is it so simple, so many people love it? Follow us below to know more!

The Rules Of Animal Fishing

Animal Fishing is a representative product of the fishing game genre at Players when participating in the game will be transformed into a small cat and hunt for fish in the lake.

Unlike Oneshot Fishing , ocean king, Caishen fishing, … players participating in Animal Fishing will not encounter a large ocean. All the interface of the game is only with the image of a garden, a lake and a small cat fishing. Players encounter Animal Fishing as if they are returning to their childhood, participating in games that are very simple but have great attraction.

The cat incarnated by the player, the more fish you catch, the more bonus the system will give. After the end of a game, the system will aggregate the player’s loot and update the bonus to the betting account. This amount is optional for the player to use, can be withdrawn to the bank account for other uses and can also participate in the next bets.

Paytable In Animal Fishing

Here are the fishes the player can encounter in the game. If the player catches them, the player’s bonus amount will correspond to the available rules of the game.


Why Join Animal Fishing

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