Surely those who have ever participated in online betting will know fish table game online real money. This game initially appeared to create entertainment stores, later developed more and is available in the online version to meet the betting needs of players.

Joining the online fish table is very simple, the rules of the game are similar to the way to join the traditional version. However, for the online version, players will have to manipulate according to the game’s navigation. So understanding the terms in the game is essential. The following article will introduce and answer some common terms in online fish table games.

Online Fish Table Games Glossary

Players, no matter how experienced and skilled, need to understand the rules of fish table games. This will help players get a good foundation, not lose money unjustly. The following Glossary will often appear in online fish table games. Players do not forget to refer to improve the possibility of winning in online fish table games.

  • Bonus game: Players will receive additional rewards if they kill a large creature, or win a special prize. Depending on the game, the rewards can be cash or follow-ups.
  • Coin Level: Used to indicate the amount that the player will bet on that game. The total bet amount is calculated by row, with the corresponding bet amount in each row.
  • Wild: When the player wins a combination, it will be used to substitute for another symbol.
  • Extra Wild: This is a symbol that will appear when the player gets an extra bonus. Or it appears along with other features in the game.
  • Expanding Wild: The player can win multiple rewards in the combo. Players can understand it is the feature that adds the bonus amount while playing.
  • Free Spin: Free Soin: When a player is participating in a fish table game and encounters this term, it means that the player will receive 1 more spin without paying any money.
  • Multiplier: is a term for the Multiplier ratio, this ratio will be applied when the player wins and gets double the bonus amount.
  • Progressive Jackpot: Players will receive a high reward, extremely large value. With this bonus, the player is considered an absolute winner in that game.
  • Scatter: The player will receive the bonus at that payline.
  • Silver Coin: Players will receive this coin if hunting fish is successful. The larger the number of fish killed, the more coins the player gets. There are fish that only need 1 fish to help players earn hundreds to thousands of coins.
  • Gold Coin: Similar to Silver Coin, players will receive coins if using only 1 bullet successfully kills 1 large fish. The exchangeable value is as follows: 3 Silver Coin = 1 Gold Coin
  • Boss/Fairy/Shark/Golden Dragon: With the online fish table game versions, what players look forward to the most is the time when rare animals begin to appear. Depending on the game the player is participating in, different types of fish will appear. However, they all have one thing in common: they are very rare, difficult to destroy, but have a huge reward.
  • Good: Praise for players who have a lot of experience, kill a lot of fish and get big rewards.
  • Perfect: The action of killing fish quickly and effectively with only 1 small bullet.
  • Combo: One bullet kills multiple targets at once.
  • X2: Players will get double bonus if they successfully kill fish. This feature can appear randomly or when the player reaches the required level of the system.
  • Treasure: This term only appears in some online fish tables products. When this term appears, it means that the player receives a lot of gold coins or valuable items. There is also a huge amount of coins that support the whole game.

Players before joining this game also need to take the time to learn about it. Online fish table games are the same, players must understand the terms carefully, know how to use them appropriately. Hopefully with the above information, the website will help players win and receive many rewards!